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Exceptional Leather Goods from Milan

In the world of leather goods, the name Serapian is synonymous with excellence in craftsmanship and elegant Milanese design.

The Maison was founded in 1928 by Stefano Serapian and since then, Serapian’s creations for both men and women have attracted a loyal following of discerning connoisseurs. Entirely crafted in Italy from the most noble leathers and materials, Serapian stands out with its iconic crafts, refined tonal palette and soft geometric shapes.

1928 in Milan, Italy


Maxime Bohe



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Mosaico pattern, hand-woven from the finest nappa leather



Precious materials, handmade textures and Made in Italy excellence are instantly recognizable Serapian hallmarks that tell a unique story and defy time.

The Mosaico Craft

A Maison's hallmark invented in 1947 by Stefano Serapian. Strips of precious lamb nappa are delicately handwoven by skilled artisans creating a hypnotic effect somewhere between Byzantine mosaics and Japanese origami. As a true piece of Art, each Mosaico bag is signed on an inner tag by the Artisan who crafted it.

Mestieri D'arte

Serapian is always pushing the limits of high-craftsmanship, blending traditional crafts with innovation. To name a few: integration of precious stones, marbles, mother of pearl or feathers, as well as hand-painted leathers by artists.

Evoluzione Leather

First introduced in 1965, Evoluzione is an exclusive calfskin treated to make it extremely sturdy and strong. A fusion of technology and expertise, of form and function, its distinctive texture has become a house signature that continues to stand the test of time.

Cachemire Leather

An exclusive naturally tumbled calfskin, Cachemire leather is named after the precious wool as its butter-soft suppleness recalls the finest cashmere. To obtain such unrivalled softness, the leather is worked in large wooden drums, an elaborate process that eliminates any creases and impurities while adding a smooth patina to the surface.

Stepan Coated Canvas

In 1972, Serapian unveiled Stepan, an innovative and waterproof material dedicated to the sophisticated globetrotters. Its unique S all-over pattern became a must have travel accessory from the yachts of Porto Fino to the shores of Lake Como.

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